Food Law

The Mondini Rusconi Food Law Team, coordinated by Giorgio Rusconi, offers out-of-court advice as well as litigation assistance in all food law-related matters. The team follows the “from farm to fork” principle that has inspired laws in the European Union—from human consumption to animal feed, from special food to food supplements, from genetically modified products to novel food.

In more detail, our food experts assist clients with:
• Labelling
- verification of label compliance with applicable rules, including the presence of all information required by law
- trade names, designations of origin, and geographical indications
- health and nutrition claims on labels pursuant to EC Regulation 1924/2006
- label information for consumers pursuant to EC Regulation 1169/2011
- nutrient profiles
• Packaging
- verification of packaging compliance with applicable rules
- smart packaging
• Food safety and security
- check of compliance of business procedures with applicable EU laws and regulations on hygiene, treatment of food, traceability, and maintenance of cold chain
- drafting of HACCP manuals and check of compliance with relevant procedures, laws, and regulations
- management of rapid alert procedures, also in liaising with Italian authorities
• Presentation and advertising
- verification of compliance of product presentation with applicable rules
- examination and approval of commercials
- analysis of storyboards and legal assistance in comparative advertising issues
• Food business development
- management of procedures for authorization to place on the market special food, genetically modified food, or novel food
- patenting of a product or process, in collaboration with Barzanò & Zanardo
• Litigation on food matters
- assistance in proceedings concerning commercial disputes on labelling
- assistance in actions for damages for product liability
- assistance in administrative proceedings stemming from records of inspections and controls by relevant authorities
- assistance in criminal proceedings (for example, defending charges of commercial fraud, transport of MGOs, etc.)
• Litigation on food advertising
- assistance in disputes involving food businesses in proceedings before the Italian advertising self-regulation jurisdictional board (Giurì) or Antitrust Authority (AGCM)
• Due diligence to check food law compliance in extraordinary operations involving businesses in the food and drink industry

Acutely aware of the needs of multinational entities, our team fosters relationships with experts from different countries and provides assistance and consultation on Italian, EU, and non-EU markets. Through standing relationships built over the years with foreign colleagues, in 2007 Giorgio Rusconi promoted the creation of FLN – Food Lawyers’ Network Worldwide ( It has grown to more than 40 members and provides, in approximately 50 nations, integrated legal services to multinationals operating in the food industry. Some network members offer consulting services to government agencies in emerging countries (including in the Middle East) to provide more in-depth insight into food safety issues. They also assist local lawmakers in the implementation of the related body of rules (particularly in places where they are still being developed). The UK member is Hilary Ross, a very well-regarded British food lawyer.

In order to offer a wider range of legal services to food business operators, our team also collaborates with a criminal lawyer; StarEcotronics S.r.l., which specializes in controls and audits in the food sector; and a specialized laboratory that provides counter-analyses to the relevant authorities in line with the strict time restraints required by individual cases. 

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